Integral Student Outcomes (ISOs)
Through her Catholic education and by striving to become all of which woman is capable, a Saint Joseph High School graduate is a

Woman of faith who
maintains a relationship with God
understands and values Catholic teachings
applies Gospel values through her actions and choices
encourages others to continue the mission of Jesus
Woman of heart who
recognizes and values the diversity and commonality of society
exhibits compassion toward the dear neighbor
acts as a responsible member of the global community
Woman of intellect who
solves problems by using higher-level thinking
communicates effectively and eloquently
adapts to emerging technology responsibly
Woman of courage who
takes initiative in response to problems
advocates for social justice
perseveres through challenges and adversity
maintains integrity, regardless of social consequences
Woman of community who
works effectively in group settings to foster solidarity
inspires others to engage the global community
strives for unity and reconciliation through service